Claim Sites Information, Rules & Guidelines

When you join Valley Prospectors, each new member will be provided a pass-code for access to the list of our claim maps which includes GPS coordinates. There are “Special Rules” for each claim.

The rules will be printed below the map for each claim.

Print the Club Form For Claims Reporting or

submit the Online Claim Report

The “Club Rules and Regulations” for all members of the Valley Prospectors are listed below.

Valley Prospectors have the following claims that are for “Members Only”:

Randsburg Placer Claims – One Claim
The 2 Burros Placer – 20 acres

Coolgardie Placer Claims – One Claim
Harvey’s Oro Rico – 120 acres

Cajon Pass Placer Claims – Six Claims
Summit – 51 acres
Hungryman – 110 acres , Hungryman #2, #3, & #4 – 120 acres ea.
Chunker Placer Claims – 120 acres

Big Bear (Holcomb Valley) – Seven Claims 
Jackass #1 Placer – 160 acres
Indian Gulch Placer – 60 acres
Miner’s Folly Placer – 60 acres

For the below listed Yuba River Claims, near Downieville, California, you will need a copy of the appendix (A) and (B) with the Plan of Operations in your possession for each claim.  These plans are valid through October 31, 2022 by the District Ranger.

Indian Valley Camp Grounds – One Claim
Moriah Placer – 15 acres

Union Flat Camp Grounds – Two Claims
Gold Venture Placer – 20 acres
Pickett #3 Placer – 20 acres

Wild Plum Camp Grounds – One Claim
Pickett #2 Placer – 30 acres

  1. Camping is permitted on the claims, but it is primitive with no facilities or water.  Tent camping is okay but you must have a porta-potty.
  2. No campfires are allowed on any claim located with the USFS boundaries unless the club is authorized the use of a self-contained fire pit that the Forest Service has approved.  This will be allowed only on scheduled club outings.  Anyone who starts a campfire on the Hungryman or Chunker Claims will be subject to expulsion from the club.
  3. Members must accompany their guests at all times.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the club.  Anyone who is planning on meeting a guest on a club claim must give them a signed note introducing the guest.  This note must be dated in the event that they get there before your arrival. The only exception to this rule is if you invite them to a scheduled outing which would count towards one of the three visits to a club claim.
  4. All members must have their membership card with them while out on a club claim.  It is recommended that you also wear your name tag.  If any member asks to see your membership card, you must show it.
  5. You are required to keep all children and pets under control at all times on the claims.  This is for their own protection.
  6. If you haul it in, you haul it out.  This means all trash, including cigarette butts.  You must use a soda or coffee can to put them in.  You must take all cigarette butts home with you.  The filters are not biodegradable.  Do not leave trash  –  pick it up even if you did not leave it.
  7. If you dig it, fill it in.  If you go into a hole that someone else started but did not fill it in, you are responsible for doing so.  Reclamation is mandatory.
  8. All high bankers must a a settling pond so that discharged water running back into the creek or river is clear.  This can be made using a barrel which has been cut in half.
  9. No mechanical digging. We only allow hand tools, pics and shovels only. This does not include jack hammers (Not Allowed). No explosives are allowed at any time.
  10. Removal of only two (2) five (5) gallon buckets of material from the claim site is allowed per person, per trip, or per day.  That is two (repeat) only two buckets whether you stay a day or two weeks.
  11. Gas engines must have an approved spark arrester on all claims.  Fire extinguishers are recommended at all times, but are mandatory if you are using a gas engine.  They must be ready to use at the digging site.  You must also clear a ten (10) foot diameter circle around the engine.
  12. Just because you dig the hole, it does not mean you own it.  If you wish to return to that hole on the next day, leave a bucket or shovel in the hole to show that it is being worked.  Remember, if you dig it on Saturday, then you can return to it on Sunday, BUT, the hole must be filled in before you leave the site.  This is part of the ongoing reclamation work which is required on all of our claims.
  13. Do not dig up or cut the bushes and trees – dig around them.