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New members can join for a $100 initiation fee and $40 annual dues for a total of $140 the first year. All memberships expire on Dec 31 of each year. Memberships are not prorated.

Apply online and pay via PayPal (there is a $7.00 processing fee with PayPal) for a total of $147.00 and use the form below to submit your new membership application online.

OR You can print the new membership form below and mail in $140 total

or Zelle $140 directly to, email a copy of the new membership form to so we can process your request properly.

New Membership Application Form

Make checks payable to:
Valley Prospectors

Mail application form to:
Valley Prospectors
PO Box 2923
San Bernardino, CA 92406-2923

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Hold Harmless Agreement: Valley Prospectors, Inc. and its members are not responsible or are to be held liable for injury, illness or death occurring at any club claim, function, or outing by any member or guest. Each member and their guests are responsible for properly being informed of potential hazards or risks that may occur while engaged in recreational activities. “ENTER CLAIMS AT YOUR OWN RISK“. I have read and understood this agreement and agree to the above by requesting or renewing my Valley Prospector’s membership.